Jinx of Khojaly genocide: An Expert Opinion

Baku, February 29, AZERTAC

This year the Republic of Azerbaijan marks the 32th anniversary of Khojaly genocide and its curse is still haunting the so-called civilized western world. It was indeed a blackest day in the modern history of human civilization and democratic norms during which innocent people of Khojaly were slaughtered and human survival became draconian dream. The merchants of evils involved in a massive massacre.
Unfortunately, on February 25 to 26, 1992, the units of the Armenian armed forces, Armenian terrorist groups in Karabakh and personnel of the 366th motorized infantry regiment of the former Soviet army deployed in Khankendi town of Azerbaijan committed an brutal act of ethnic cleansing and massive genocide in Khojaly town. It was brutal murder of innocent humanity
It was monstrous crime against humanity organized by the then political leadership of the Republic of Armenia and successive regimes of it protected this bloodbath. The government of Pakistan parliament, Senate and people stood first to condemn Armenian cruelty, genocide policies and especially human tragedy of Khojaly.
The Armenian offensive on Khojaly killed more than 613 Azerbaijan’s citizens including 106 women, 63 children, and 70 elderly people and seriously injured 487 others, according to Azerbaijani figures. Moreover, some 150 of the 1,275 people of Azerbaijan that the Armenians captured during the massacre remain missing which has become bleed wound in the national history of modern Azerbaijan. In the said massacre, numerous families were completely mopped, while 130 children lost one parent, and 25 children lost both parents regrettably.
A ruthless massacre of the people of Azerbaijan was also perpetrated in Shusha, Irevan, Zangezur, Karabakh, Nakhchivan, Kars and other regions. When committing these atrocities on historical Azerbaijani lands, the Armenians intentionally burned schools and mosques and destroyed samples of material culture of Azerbaijanis.
Genocides against Azerbaijanis committed by fascist Armenians were real acts of doom and gloom, destruction and indecency. It was ruthless show of unstoppable ethnic cleansing and siege of perpetual ignorance and madness. Armenia destroyed important infrastructure and human settlements. It contaminated nature, polluted water, ruined bio-diversity and spoiled essential natural resources belonging to local people of Azerbaijan. It madly tried to de-shape the existing geographic propositions in the illegally occupied areas of Azerbaijan.
Astonishingly, it geared new chapter in human traits. Courage of common people of Azerbaijan fought with conspiracy of Armenia and its regional spymaster/allies, patience clashed with naked power, bravery antagonized with brutality, honor handled with heinousness, and last but not least, dignity with destruction and ultimately superior human values of Azerbaijanis people became vector over martial obsessions of Armenians.
Khojaly has direct correlation/connection with human blood which is sacred and whosoever kills in the path of resistance, nationalism, dignified cause and last but not least, struggle of freedom, protection of national pride and independence is a true martyr and national history of Azerbaijan is full of unlimited unsung heroes martyrs who laid down their precious lives for the dignity and honor of their country Immense socio-economic prosperity, strong defense and regional supremacy is the resultant of these unlimited sacrifices of Azerbaijanis.
During Khojaly and series of genocides humanity was bleed and Armenian beasts were everywhere in different cities of Azerbaijan however it could not strike-down the true spirits of interfaith harmony, loyalty, national pride and shared unity and rich spirits of multiculturalism and jointly fought against all odds. Cities were captured and darkness was everywhere. Men were arrested. Media was completely blocked and the people were deprived of the right to access information.
It seems that high resolution of people of Azerbaijan did not collapse against Armenian wild martial force and stood fast. They fought with gallantry and resultantly lost their precious lives for the dignity and honor of their beloved homeland which has now become beacon of multiculturalism, hub of trans-regional connectivity, icon of innovations, modernization, digitalization and ethnic diversity.

Dr Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan
Executive Director of The Center for South & International Studies (CSAIS), Islamabad
Regional Expert: Azerbaijan, China, CPEC & BRI

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