AZERTAC joins media tour to China’s Henan Province

Beijing, September 22, AZERTAC

China's "Xufang International Media" group and the Government of Henan Province have organized a media tour for foreign journalists, as well as bloggers and vloggers to the provincial capital city of Zhengzhou.
During the tour, the participants got acquainted with the history and culture of Zhengzhou, which was the capital of the Shan state, one of the oldest states in China, as well as the Yellow River civilization, which is considered the "mother river" of China.
They visited the museum, which exhibits the items found during the archaeological excavations of the Shan State period, including household items, and familiarized themselves with the remains of the fortress walls that existed in this region at that time.
As part of the tour, the journalists visited the Shaolin Temple, which is considered the cradle of Chinese martial arts, and watched the performances of children studying at the Kung Fu school near the temple.
They also got acquainted with the Yellow River Museum, the first river-themed museum in the world, the Yellow River Ecological Park, the Shaolin Zen Music Ritual on the natural stage at the foot of the Songshan Mountain, the Grotto Temple, 21 different theater stages in different formats, in which about a thousand actors acted during the day.
The media tour participants also attended the World Great Rivers Civilization Forum held in Zhengzhou under the theme “Mutual learning among civilizations: Jointly building a community of a shared future for humanity” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China.

Shahin Jafarov
Special correspondent


Culture 2023-09-22 13:56:00