Anar Eyvazov: It is not ruled out that Armenia can commit planned crimes and then, put blame on Azerbaijan

Baku, September 20, AZERTAC
In response to the disinformation of various nature, including the false information spread by Armenia on its social media accounts to form a wrong opinion of the international community, including the false information that the Azerbaijan Armed Forces allegedly opened fire on civilian vehicles and ambulances, I would like to state that these unfounded claims can be proved by the information technologies available in modern times, Chief of the press service of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Anar Eyvazov said at a media briefing.
“If the opposing side’s claims were grounded, photos and videos would have been shared on social media accounts by now. In order to form a wrong opinion in the international community, it is not ruled out that the opposing side will carry out such crimes in a planned manner, thereby, accusing Azerbaijan,” Eyvazov added.

Military 2023-09-20 11:11:00