TURKSOY Commemorates Sándor Petőfi’s 200th Anniversary in Hungary

Budapest, August 25, AZERTAC

Within the framework of events to commemorate the famous Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi on the 200th anniversary of his birthday, the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY which has been carrying out numerous national and international projects to foster cultural and artistic cooperation among Turkic peoples since its establishment, will hold its traditional thematic painters' gathering in Lakitelek, Hungary between August 25th and September 3rd, 2023.
AZERTAG reports that the thematic meeting, which will be hosted by the Lakitelek Foundation of Hungary, will be attended by 11 well-known artists from Turkic States. During the gathering which will last 10 days and give many of them the opportunity to visit Hungary for the first time, artists of the Turkic World will create paintings inspired by works of the famous Hungarian poet Petőfi.
At the same time, the Painters’ Gathering of TURKSOY dedicated to Sándor Petőfi will be introducing this illustrious Hungarian poet to the Turkic World by paying tribute to his precious legacy as well as to his valuable contribution to the enrichment of Hungarian literature with hundreds of poems he wrote during in his short life. Besides, artists who will be taking part in the gathering will also be visiting important historical sites in Hungary along with the memorial museum where the poet lived during his life. Hence, throughout this gathering during which they will also depict their impressions as to sites they have visited and stories they have listened to, participants will get more closely acquainted with Hungary, Hungarian culture, art and literature.
Works resulting from this year’s traditional Painters’ Gathering of TURKSOY held in Hungary will then be introduced to art lovers in an exhibition to take place in the Hungarikum Liget in Lakitelek on September 2nd, 2023.

Vugar Seidov
Special correspondent

Culture 2023-08-25 20:44:00