® The next stage of "Her Improvement" project supported by Azercell completed

Young women were provided an opportunity to improve the product of their startup

The next stage of the "Her Improvement" program implemented within the framework of the partnership of "Azercell Teleсom" LLC with the "FemTech" platform has come to an end. The project aimed at increasing the knowledge of women in the field of technology and business and developing startup ideas allowed 5 teams of young women to form and improve their ideas and consolidate what they learned with experience. Throughout the project, participants had technology-based training sessions.
Within the program, the ladies met with professional mentors, IT leaders and startup founders with real experience in the local and international market, passed the incubation program for the development of their ideas, had the opportunity to practically implement what they learned, and establish a professional network.
It should be noted that all over the world, the fourth day of the last week of April is celebrated as "Girls in ICT" day. Azercell congratulates all women who are open to innovation in the field of technology, eager to learn and have a startup idea, wishing them development, self-confidence, and great projects in this field.

ICT 2023-04-27 17:30:00