Azercosmos launches Azconnexus Satellite Internet Service

Baku, April 20, AZERTAC

Azercosmos launches a new service - Azconnexus satellite internet service to provide high quality and secure satellite internet connection for businesses in Azerbaijan.
Azconnexus delivers uninterrupted, secure, and high-quality broadband services via Azercosmos’ telecommunication satellite Azerspace-1. This multi-service platform supports different traffic types including but not limited to video, audio, data, voice, and datacasting, allowing users to enjoy high-quality internet connectivity.
Azconnexus provides solutions for businesses that are located in areas where cable internet and mobile coverage are unavailable, connectivity is too slow to carry out business processes or where 3G/LTE speed is insufficient.
The businesses and industries that can benefit from Azconnexus include government and defense, emergency and disaster recovery, mining, video and content delivery, maritime, tourism and hospitality, gas stations, café and restaurants, malls and market chains, etc. The high-quality satellite internet is now accessible to people working on offshore oil platforms, mining platforms and defense bodies in remote regions, hotels and restaurants in the isolated locations and business centers in areas with insufficient internet coverage, data centers, and other challenging areas.

ICT 2021-04-20 14:48:00