Naftalan - white gold of Azerbaijan

Baku, April 21, AZERTAC

Azerbaijan is extraordinarily generously endowed with a variety of natural resources that are used in medicine. Many of them, such as thermal springs, therapeutic mud, salt caves are scattered all over the country. But one natural phenomenon is so unique that it has no analogues not only in Azerbaijan, but all over the world. It is a question of Naftalan oil, the high efficiency of which has been confirmed by a multitude of scientific studies and more than 100 years of successful application in the treatment of a number of diseases.

Strategic product
Situated 338 km west of Baku and 50 km from the second largest city of the country - Ganja, - Naftalan, since the Soviet times has gained fame as the center of medical tourism of the country. And all because there is a deposit of therapeutic white oil, which has no analogues in the world.
The "Naftalan" toponym comes from the ancient Median word "Nafta" ("flows"), the language of one of the state entities in the territory of Azerbaijan - Media. Actually, first there were producing wells in the deposits of white oil, and then Naftalan city appeared on this territory.
Despite the fact that Naftalan, often referred to as "white oil", externally it differs little from ordinary oil and is a viscous liquid of characteristic dark brown color, with a specific odor. True, it does not have gasoline fractions, and it does not burn. At the same time, it is extracted as well as black oil, with the help of the usual rocking machines scattered here and there in the district.
The absence of harmful vapors of gasoline and kerosene, the availability of valuable lubricating oils, absolute purity distinguish Naftalan oil from other types of oil. The uniqueness of Naftalan oil in a special biochemical composition rich in elements such as potassium, magnesium, iodine, chlorine, potassium carbonate, zinc, due to which the substance acquires healing properties and restores health.
According to Shain Babayev, head physician of the Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan, under the conditions of a specialized institution, the efficiency of using Naftalan oil reaches 90 percent or more. "Healing Naftalan in combination with other methods of spa therapy and favorable ecological situation in the region helps in the treatment of a number of ailments of the musculoskeletal system, neurological, urological, gynecological, dermatological and other diseases of adults and children. Anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects, influence on the intensity of metabolic processes, stimulation of spermatogenesis, acceleration of the process of egg formation and other valuable properties of this product are widely known".
It is curious that the first industrial production of medical products based on Naftalan, at the end of the XIX century, began the German engineer-concessionaire EI Eger. At the factory opened by him in Azerbaijan, raw materials were processed, then sent to Germany, where the enterprises of two joint-stock companies - Naftalan in Magdeburg and Naftalan in Dresden, produced medicinal preparations. The composition and methods of preparation were classified and monopolized. Soon ointments, pastes, pills, suppositories, a special soap for softening the skin, powder, lip pencils and other products from the Azerbaijani Naftalan was sold all over the world. The antiseptic properties of white oil were valued so highly that Naftalan Ointment was included in the compulsory list of preparations of the medical kit of soldiers of the First World War.

Panacea of 70 ailments
Today Naftalonotherapy is considered one of the best and indispensable methods of treatment in many fields of medicine and provides healing from more than seventy diseases. The most common method of influencing the body with Naftalan is a therapeutic bath. In the health centers of Naftalan there are specially equipped rooms for taking baths. In baths from special stores, Naftalan oil is supplied, at a temperature of 37-38 degrees, which is comfortable for a person. The patient, under the supervision of a specialist, is immersed in a bath for a period of 8-10 minutes, during which time the body is saturated with the necessary nutrients. Then the remains of oil are removed from the skin, the patient takes a warm shower, after which he is shown a 15-20-minute rest period. In order to get the maximum effect from the treatment, experts recommend a course lasting 14-21 days.
Heard about the miraculous effect of Naftalan baths, people from all over the world come to Azerbaijan in search of healing. For many, this remedy is the last hope. And grateful reviews of cured patients from the United States, the Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries are the best evidence of the effectiveness of Azerbaijani Naftalan.
By the way, few know that Naftalan is the sister city of the famous Russian resort of Essentuki. According to Tahira Aslanova, consultant of the Naftalan Tourism and Culture Center, today Naftalan is a modern recreation and health center combining natural factors, the achievements of spa medicine, European comfort, Azerbaijani hospitality and affordable prices for services. There are many well-equipped clinics and recreational centers built within the framework of the state program for the restoration of Naftalan. Among the most famous: the treatment and prevention centers Chinar Hotel & Spa, Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan, Garabag Resort & Spa, etc.
As a rule, these Centers are autonomous therapeutic complexes, where all conditions for the recovery and relaxation of patients are created. They have well-equipped departments for diagnosis, physiotherapy, treatment rooms, etc. The structure of many complexes includes five-star hotels, functioning according to the "all-inclusive" system, with comfortable rooms, fitness and SPA centers and various additional services.
"I want to note that the nature of our region is very rich and different in beauty of landscapes, and the hospitality and kindness of the people knows no bounds. Therefore, staying with us will become a healing not only of the body, but also a holiday of the soul "- summed up Tahira Aslanova.

Instead of an afterword
The land of Azerbaijan is rich in unique natural resources. Possessing such untold riches, Azerbaijan can and should become a leader in the field of medical and health tourism in the region, for which our country has all the necessary conditions.
Of course, Naftalan is a unique place deserving the closest attention of tourists from all over the world and the task of industry professionals is to contribute to the increase of tourist flows here. After all, people come to Naftalan, practically losing hope, and find healing, taking with them strong health and vivid impressions of our country.
Emil Eyyubov

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