Jean-Francois Mansel: ASAN Visa paves way for increase of tourist flow to Azerbaijan

Strasbourg, January 27, AZERTAC
ASAN Visa paves the way for the increase of tourist flow to Azerbaijan, a member of the French National Assembly Jean-Francois Mansel told AZERTAC.
“We laud the establishment of “ASAN service”. The visa services are very important. If we intend to increase the flow of tourists, it is important to obtain visa promptly. Some countries spend a lot of time for the visa issuance and their procedure of getting visa is long. However, Azerbaijan’ ASAN initiative enables to get the visa promptly”, he added.
All participants of the conference titled “Accessibility to state services and citizenship” taking place in Paris praised the efficiency of “ASAN service”.
“We all witnessed importance of “ASAN service” from the presentation of Inam Karimov, chair of the State Agency for Citizen Service & Social Innovations of Azerbaijan Republic. The efficiency of the state service, satisfaction of the needs of citizens in “ASAN service” centres, prompt replies to their queries demonstrate achievements of Azerbaijan in this sphere. Perhaps, we shall cooperate with “ASAN service” in order to reach the success, which it obtained in Azerbaijan,” said Jean-Francois Mansel.

Tourism 2017-01-27 21:20:00