Japanese World Investors TV broadcasts program about Bloody January tragedy

Tokyo, January 19 AZERTAC
Japanese “World Investors TV” internet television has broadcast a program about the 20 January tragedy.
The program featured chairman of the Foreign Students Organization Alibay Mammadov and AZERTAC`s correspondent to Japan Vugar Agayev as a guest who highlighted Azerbaijan`s state independence.
They spoke about the history of Bloody January tragedy. On the night of January 19-20, 1990, soviet army and its tanks invaded Azerbaijan`s capital city Baku and killed 147, wounded more than 700 people. That day entered the history as a page of heroism of those who was killed for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
The Soviet regime used force to suppress struggle for freedom of Azerbaijanis. Among the former soviet republics, Azerbaijan was the first republic which made serious step towards the independence. Despite great slaughters, soviet leadership couldn`t impede the struggle for freedom of Azerbaijani people, and after 20 months the country restored its independence.
The “Black January” demonstrated will and bellicosity of Azerbaijani people to whole world. The Soviet leadership`s effort to frighten people and to lengthen life of the soviet system by means of power failed.”

Vugar Agayev
Special Correspondent

20 january 2016-01-19 13:12:00