January 20 victims commemorated in Berlin

Berlin, January 19, AZERTAC

A commemoration ceremony to mark the 26th anniversary of the 20 January tragedy was organized in the Azerbaijan Embassy in Germany.
The event was attended by employees of the Foreign Ministry of Germany, representatives of political and cultural community, media outlets, foreign diplomats and representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Germany.
The event began with a moment of silence in memory of those who died that day, after which Azerbaijani Ambassador to Germany Parviz Shahbazov briefed about the January events.
Shahbazov said this bloody crime aimed to put down the ideals of freedom of the people of Azerbaijan by the Soviet authorities was unable to turn the nation from the path of independence.
He said Azerbaijan's great leader Heydar Aliyev, who then lived in Moscow, came to Azerbaijan's permanent representative office - a day after the tragedy - and strongly condemned those who committed the January massacre and gave the political-legal assessment to the tragedy after returning to the political power in independent Azerbaijan.
The memory of the 20 January martyrs is traditionally marked by the state and people every year. The Day was engraved in the heart of the Azerbaijani people and will never be forgotten.
Matthias Dornfeld, Chairman of the European Institute for Caucasus and Caspian Studies gave the depth analysis of the events of that period, talked about the policy of the Azerbaijani state, the achievements and considerably significant progress the country gained in all spheres in the past years.
The event was culminated with the performance by Narmin Najafli, young and talented Azerbaijani musician who now studies at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media.
Vugar Seyidov,
Special correspondent

20 january 2016-01-19 11:08:00