Abstract from Azerbaijani scientist`s article published in Journal of American Studies

Baku, January 28 (AzerTAc). An abstract from a research article of the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of Azerbaijan`s Khazar University, Professor Hamlet Isakhanli has been published in the Journal of American Studies.
Headlined “Wavering Azerbaijani Literati Views of America: From the Russian Tsarist through the Modern Period”, the article features historical thoughts and opinions of Azerbaijanis regarding Americans.
In the abstract, Professor Isakhanli writes: “The historical thoughts and opinions of one nation regarding another are useful both for the purpose of analyzing global events and for understanding both nations. Until modern times, the Azerbaijani people did not have contact with the USA or widespread knowledge of American people, but throughout the past two centuries elite Azerbaijani thinkers and scholars have expressed interest in America from various viewpoints, including the political, scientific, and educational fields.”
“The article reviews statements about the USA as they are documented in the publications by Azerbaijani historians, journalists, creative writers, educators, and politicians from the 1830s through to contemporary times. Using these documents, and poetry of Soviet times, the article analyzes Azerbaijani perspectives on America, which over time have wavered, both upwards and downwards, but often reflected the prevailing political ideology towards the USA, particularly during the Soviet period,” he says.
“I would like to express appreciation to the reviewers of this article; their insightful criticism and recommendations to introduce new elements have made it better rounded in both content and form. I am also indebted to Martha Lawry, Alison Mandaville, and Audrey Altstadt, who have given their invaluable support and assistance in reading the article and in polishing translations of original works into English,” Isakhanli says.

Technology 2014-01-28 12:50:00