Artificial intelligence cloud tech to accelerate Türkiye's digital transformation

Baku, June 6, AZERTAC
Artificial intelligence (AI) cloud technology, currently in its early stages worldwide, will significantly accelerate Türkiye's digital transformation, Anadolu Agency reports citing the chief technology officer of Chinese cloud computing company Huawei Cloud.
Zhang Bruno told Anadolu that Huawei Cloud Türkiye, the first localized global cloud provider in the country, is aligned with the national digital transformation and data software strategy.
He said Huawei was one of the first investors in large language models for AI, starting in 2021, with the focus on artificial intelligence strategies for industries as it sought to address specific business challenges and improve efficiency, productivity, and overall corporate quality.
Türkiye aware of AI's importance and value
Zhang emphasized the importance of establishing a robust AI ecosystem, involving the public sector, R&D centers, universities, and developers, to foster innovation.
On Türkiye's future in AI capabilities, he highlighted that both government agencies and businesses are highly aware of the importance and value of the technology, listing several different initiatives in the country aimed at popularizing it.
Zhang highlighted that AI's cloud transformation process is still in its early stages globally but would carry many benefits, including, for example, the ability for companies to bridge language barriers in their products, which they could then sell to many different countries.
Emphasizing the work of Huawei's research and development center in Türkiye, he noted that over 200 Turkish engineers were working as cloud developers, while there were also more than 100 local service engineers.
He vowed to continue creating value for Huawei's customers and Türkiye.

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