From Altai Efendiev, GUAM Secretary General

His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Your Excellency,
On behalf of the International Secretariat of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM and me personally, I would like to extend our most sincere congratulations to you and, in your person, to the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Independence Day.
From year to year, the Republic of Azerbaijan strengthens its independence and sovereignty, enhances its place and role in the region, and plays a more active role in the international arena. Nowadays, Azerbaijan is among the most dynamic and thriving economies, being the engine behind national revival, regional development, and international cooperation. It also champions peace, security, stability, as well as mutual understanding and tolerance around the world.
This year, for the first time in decades, the holiday is being celebrated across the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, restored after a glorious victory of the armed forces under your leadership. The nation has embarked on an unprecedented in scale and pace program of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the liberated lands, improvement of a vast region, and return of IDPs to their native lands.
In parallel, the country is firmly committed to and pursuing the establishment of just and lasting peace in the region based on the norms and principles of international law and mutually beneficial cooperation. We genuinely believe peace will open a new era in the region, unlocking its enormous potential for cooperation and prosperity!
Azerbaijan spares no effort in implementing ongoing and developing new regional projects, endorsing the country and the region as a critical integral part of new connectivity architecture linking East with West and South with North.
The active policy and growing role of Azerbaijan in global affairs are also widely acknowledged. As a leading NAM member, the country advances an agenda reflecting the interests of many nations striving for a just and better world. Azerbaijan is among the leading nations promoting and implementing the green agenda for sustainable development and will host the Global COP29 Summit this year. Based on its rich traditions, Azerbaijan is also leading important global initiatives aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, tolerance, and cultural diversity.
We highly appreciate Azerbaijan's role as a founding member of the ODED-GUAM in forging cooperation among our friendly nations. We strongly believe the ODED-GUAM is a unique and effective regional platform to promote peace, security, and cooperation. We look forward to further strengthening our cooperation in our region of ever-growing strategic importance.
On this festive occasion, we wish you every success in your activities aimed at further developing the country and strengthening its independence and sovereignty! We wish the people of Azerbaijan peace, well-being, and progress!
Sincerely yours,


Altai Efendiev
GUAM Secretary General

Letters 2024-05-28 12:23:00