® Nar wishes good luck to Azerbaijani national volleyball teams in Golden European League!

The women's and men's national volleyball teams of Azerbaijan, supported by Nar, will enter the Golden European League on May 17. Nar, a reliable communication partner of the Azerbaijan Volleyball Federation, wishes success to both national teams.

The Azerbaijani national teams will compete in three rounds, with one round being held in the country, within the framework of the Golden European League. The Azerbaijan men's national team will play its first game at home from May 17-19, while the women's team will conclude the third round from May 31 to June 2 in Azerbaijan. The games of the tour in Azerbaijan will be held at the Volleyball Center of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
By supporting increased interest in various sports, including volleyball, Nar promotes a healthy lifestyle in the country. You can learn about other social projects implemented by the mobile operator here.
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Economy 2024-05-17 17:07:00