® Caspian Investment Forum Prague 2024 to host record number of speakers

Zaur Gadirov, Managing Partner of Financial Chain Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Caspian Energy Club Czechia, has given a media interview. The Chairman has noted that there are a few days left to the investment forum which will be held with the participation of 18 speakers in Prague, the capital of Czechia, on May 16-17, 2024. Participating in the international event which will take place in the Prague congress center will be representatives of companies and enterprises from Azerbaijan, Czechia, Türkiye and other countries. The purpose of the event which will host a record number of speakers for the first time is to expand business ties between countries, create new opportunities for investment and cooperation, as well as exchange ideas about business environment of different countries. Joint Bridges and Caspian Energy Club Czechia are the organizers of the forum to be held with the participation of both representatives of government agencies and potential partners of the business environment. The platinum sponsor is Financial Chain Corporation. Official support is provided by the Azerbaijan Republic Embassy in the Czech Republic, embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in the Czech Republic, and the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of Azerbaijan. Energazer and Philips companies will be the sponsors of the event. Evintel will be the partner of the event.

“We are getting ready for the large event. Caspian Investment Forum 2024-Prague will be of great importance to participating companies which intend to present their services and establish business contacts. We are extending our gratitude to Mr. Adish Mammadov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Azerbaijan Republic to Czechia, Mr. Egemen Bagish, Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to Czechia, Mr. Martin Pospíšil, Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Policies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of Azerbaijan, as well as to sponsor companies Joint Bridges, Energazer, Philips, Evintel, and especially to Caspian Energy Club for the support provided to the organization of the event,” Chairman of the Board of Caspian Energy Club Czechia Zaur Gadirov said.
“Caspian Energy Club Czechia, the official representative of Caspian Energy Club in Czechia, continues expanding its activity. The major topics of Caspian Energy Club’s this year’s events whose significance is undeniable in effective networking are as follows: new opportunities and prospects of business environment, green energy, energy security of Europe, technological advances and digitalization, as well as investment potential, attraction of investments, trade development with different countries, etc. This, in turn, has for sure played an exceptional role in carrying out an exchange with opinions on mentioned priority topics,” Chairman of the Board of Caspian Energy Club Czechia Zaur Gadirov said.
Zaur Gadirov also added that Caspian Investment Forum 2024 Prague would express opinions on topical issues such as the microeconomic dynamics in turbulent times, forecasting in conditions of global geopolitical crisis, business environment amid military actions in Ukraine and Middle East, development and new challenges, economy of Central Europe, inflations, new opportunities, cooperation, etc.
“We hope that the 18th international Caspian Investment Forum Prague 2024 will promote the improvement of the investment and business environment, as well as stimulate a dialogue. It will encourage the development of economic relations and cooperation between our countries, form the basis for effective partnership in terms of investments and successful joint initiatives,” Zaur Gadirov concluded.
Established in June 2002, Caspian Energy Club brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations across 50 countries. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of Caspian Energy Club is to improve investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Club operates, as well as to encourage and actively engage in B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues.
Headquartered in Baku, Caspian Energy Club is an international business networking platform regularly conducting different events. Caspian Energy Club has representative offices operating in Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, Türkiye, UAE, Uzbekistan as well as authorized representatives around the globe.
Caspian Energy Club International was established in 2023 with the aim to manage international projects of Caspian Energy Club. Within 5 years Caspian Energy Club International plans to open offices in 100 countries across the world. One of the major functions of Caspian Energy Club International is to manage the Club’s activity in countries where no representatives are present, and work out a general strategy for all foreign offices.

Economy 2024-05-10 15:23:00