® Azercell announces Crisis Management Group Project

The purpose of the Crisis Management Group (CMG) by Azercell is to ensure the resilience of the communication infrastructure in the country during crises and to provide a swift response to extraordinary situations

The leading mobile operator of the country Azercell proudly announces the new Crisis Management Group project (CMG). Under the motto "Resilient communication, secure life!", the project aims to ensure the resilience of the communication infrastructure in the country during crises, provide a swift response to extraordinary situations, minimize recovery time, and ensure reliable communication during important national events.
The CMG project is implemented with the support of the Azerbaijan Space Agency, "Aztelekom" and "Baktelekom" LLCs. The technical teams of these companies have already successfully participated in the training sessions organized by Azercell. Additionally, within the framework of the project, operational groups and technical infrastructure have been established in partnership with stakeholders to ensure the swift implementation of accident recovery measures during emergencies and crises. The goal is to be prepared in advance to communicate and take coordinated actions in the event of disasters and natural calamities across the country.
The CMG project not only provides extensive capabilities for mitigating the impacts of crises and emergencies in Azerbaijan but also across the region of Turkic states and Caucasus.
It should be noted that the reason for the initiation of this project was President Ilham Aliyev's initiative following the earthquake in Turkey, where he advocated for the convening of a Special Summit of the Heads of States of the Turkic Council on “Disaster-Emergency Management and Humanitarian Assistance”. The event ended with the signing of the Ankara Declaration and the Protocol on the establishment of the civil protection mechanism.


Economy 2024-04-19 15:06:00