Abu Dhabi playing host to 14th Assembly of International Renewable Energy Agency

Abu Dhabi, April 16, AZERTAC
The 14th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will be held in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on April 17-18, 2024.
The meetings, presided over by Rwanda, will gather more than 1,300 participants from 144 countries, including Ministers, industry leaders, and CEOs to chart a strategic way forward across countries, regions, and the world, in light of the findings of the first Global Stocktake at COP28.
Under the theme “Outcome of COP28: Infrastructure, Policies, and Skills for Tripling Renewables and Accelerating the Energy Transition”, the 2024 Assembly will explore priorities for the energy transition and immediate steps to accelerate progress towards tripling renewable power capacity to at least 11 terawatts (TW) by 2030.
“The energy transition is accelerating rapidly, but it clearly remains off track, with an unacceptable uneven distribution of renewable growth that still disproportionately affects the Global South,” said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera. “We need an urgent global course-correction to address this growing disparity, or we risk our collective climate goal to triple renewable power capacity by 2030 becoming simply unattainable,” he added.
“As the global community convenes at the IRENA Assembly, we have the opportunity to prioritise and narrow down our collective actions to overcoming the structural and systemic barriers that are impeding progress,” he added.
“Achieving our climate goals necessitates collective recognition that the energy transition is not just about technological change but also about ensuring equity and justice. As we gather in Abu Dhabi, let us utilise the convening power of the IRENA Assembly to ensure that the benefits of the energy transition are universally accessible, prioritising the needs of the most marginalised communities,” 14th IRENA Assembly President and Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure, H.E. Dr. Jimmy Gasore said.
Given the urgent need for extraordinary levels of political momentum and international cooperation, several Ministerial and High-level sessions will be convened as part of the Assembly session, as well as during the Pre-Assembly Day, today, on 16 April 2024. Discussions will focus on addressing investment challenges, innovation, infrastructure, regional cooperation, policy framework and private sector engagement.
IRENA is the lead intergovernmental agency for the renewables-based energy transition in pursuit of a systemic change across the energy sectors. A global energy agency comprised of 168 countries and the EU, with 15 additional countries in accession, IRENA provides knowledge, technical assistance and capacity building, project and investment facilitation. The Agency enables international cooperation and partnerships to fight climate change and promote sustainable development, energy access, energy security and resilient economies and societies.

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