Gabala district as an example of rapid development of regions - VIDEO REPORT

Gabala, April 10, AZERTAC

The successes attained by Azerbaijan over the past two decades underscore the effective identification of strategic development directions in the country. The development of regions is a crucial component of the continuous socio-economic development strategy successfully implemented in the country. Regional development, identified as a priority direction in the country's socio-economic development strategy, has led to increased entrepreneurial activity among the population, the implementation of infrastructure projects in regions, and the creation of new facilities and objects producing competitive and export-oriented products meeting international standards, thus significantly improving the welfare of citizens. Significant work has been done in the construction of modern educational infrastructure, renewal of the content and improvement of the quality of education in remote cities, towns, and villages of the country.
The rapid development of regions can also be clearly seen in the example of the Gabala district. In recent years, numerous new school buildings, kindergartens, and medical centers have been built and put into operation in the region. Moreover, significant efforts have been made in the construction and reconstruction of important national, inter-regional, and local roads. President Ilham Aliyev's recent visit to the Gabala district on April 9 exemplifies the unwavering attention and commitment to the socio-economic development of regions, evidenced by the inauguration of the new secondary school building in Bum settlement, the Gabala District Central Hospital, the opening of the "Hajialili" power substation, the Regional Training Center and the unveiling of a new road.

A modern building accommodating 624 local students has been constructed to meet the contemporary requirements for a secondary school

Construction of the new building of the 624-seat Tabriz Yagubov secondary school in the settlement of Bum of the Qabala district brought joy to school staff. Acting school principal Ramil Mammadov told AZERTAC correspondent that the previous school building, erected in 1983, failed to meet modern standards and was in a dilapidated state, necessitating the construction of a new facility. The construction of the Bum settlement secondary school commenced in December 2021. The new school building comprises 26 classrooms, laboratories for chemistry, physics, and biology, 2 computer science classrooms, 2 technology classrooms, a library, an assembly hall accommodating 195 seats, a gymnasium, and an 80-seat canteen.

Physical education teacher Tofiq Garagozov, who shares feelings of joy, said: "I have been working at this school for forty years. Believe me, there is no limit to my happiness today. We have all been eagerly awaiting the day when the new school would be put into use. We have worked in difficult conditions for many years. Despite all the hardships, we worked with all our might to raise our students as knowledgeable, skilled, and worthy young people for our homeland."

Gabala District Central Hospital is fitted with medical equipment meeting modern standards

The district central hospital, which was put into operation during President Ilham Aliyev's visit to the Qabala district on April 9, provides comprehensive medical services not only to the residents of Gabala but also to the entire population of the district. Providing information to AZERTAC's regional correspondent about the conditions created at the hospital, the Director of the Gabala District Central Hospital, a Public Legal Entity, Jeyhun Ahmadov, stated that the construction of the 160-bed hospital building began in 2016, and construction works were completed in 2023. The six-storey hospital consists of three blocks. The medical facility houses various departments, including therapy, pediatrics, neurology, general surgery, gynecology, traumatology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), infectious diseases, radiodiagnostics, admissions, laboratory, emergency medical care, maternity, postpartum physiology units, and a department for pregnancy pathology.


It will be possible to reduce the consumption of 230 thousand tons of hydrocarbon fuel per year and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 239 thousand tons.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev participated in the opening ceremonies of the 110/35/10 kV "Hajialili" power substation and the Regional Training Center owned by Azerishig OJSC.
Chief of the Gabala Power Grid Elvin Bayramzade told AZERTAC correspondent that the electrical grid in Gabala covers a total of 31,502 subscribers. As part of the renovation works carried out by Azerishig in the region, the electrical infrastructure of the city of Gabala, 2 settlements, and 13 villages has been renewed. In order to improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers, a new 110/35/10 kV, 26-megavolt-ampere (MVA) "Hajialili" substation has been rebuilt to a capacity of 41 MVA to meet modern requirements.
Two charging stations for electric vehicles have been built by Azerishig in front of the "Hajialili" electrical substation.

As a result of the implementation of electric vehicle charging stations, it will be possible to reduce the consumption of 230 thousand tons of hydrocarbon fuel per year and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 239 thousand tons.
A Regional Training Center has been also built on the premises of the substation. The Training Center aims to train specialized personnel in the field of electrical engineering with both local and foreign trainers involved. There is a particular focus on the application and utilization guidelines of renewable energy sources and organizing training sessions and skill competitions under real-world working conditions. The center includes a modern network polygon and a "Green Energy" training polygon.

Newly built road will give an impetus to development of tourism and agriculture in the district

In recent years, notable transformations have been underway in the transportation infrastructure of our nation. International highways traversing the country are undergoing comprehensive reconstruction to meet modern standards. Concurrently, streets and roads in both the capital and regional centers are undergoing enhancements. At the forefront of these efforts are the directives and instructions of President Ilham Aliyev, with particular emphasis placed on the repair of roads linking villages and towns in rural areas. This process spans across all regions of our country, with a notable focus on the Gabala district.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the inauguration of the Boyuk Pirali-Kichik Pirali-Khirkhatala-Jighatelli-Hamzali highway, starting from the 40th kilometer section of the Aghdash-Zaraghan road.

Engineer of the Yol Istismar LLC Azer Mehraliyev told AZERTAC correspondent that Construction of the road began in September 2022. Spanning 41 kilometers, the two-lane road built to the fourth technical grade includes a newly constructed bridge.
This highway will significantly improve transportation connections between the district center and the 15 residential areas it serves.

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