Azerbaijan’s Media Development Agency and State Security Service urge citizens not to believe groundless information

Baku, April 8, AZERTAC
The Media Development Agency and the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan have released a joint statement.
The statement reads: “Several social networks have been recently disseminating unfounded reports and false news that do not reflect the reality about the heightened tensions on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border, the presence of martyrs and wounded in the Azerbaijani Army, the readiness of military units and heavy artillery weapons, and the imposition of a curfew in the territory of Lachin district.
As a result of investigations conducted by the State Security Service, it was determined that the persons who were spreading such information, which caused concern among the society, are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Aliyev Rashad Balagha, born in 1977, and Malikov Parviz Ramiz, born in 1973. Appropriate legal procedural measures have been taken to prevent them from disseminating such information.
We call on the media outlets and journalists not to use inaccurate information published on social networks, the source of which is unknown, urge citizens to always be principled in such situations, and not to believe groundless information that is not based on official sources.”

Society 2024-04-08 19:29:00