Dmitry Genegy: Decolonization accord signed 36 years ago has not yet been implemented

Paris, February 28, AZERTAC

“The colloquium in Paris serves as a platform to elucidate the context of New Caledonia, its political history, the agreement signed by our ancestors, and particularly the future of Kanaky - New Caledonia. Speakers shed light on the steps to be taken towards the island's independence and sovereignty, as well as its relations with the French state,” Dmitry Genegy, a participant of the colloquium titled "What future for Kanaky - New Caledonia?" held at the French National Assembly, and representative of the indigenous Kanak people, told AZERTAC.
"Thirty-six years ago, the Nouméa Accord, envisioning peace and decolonization, was signed. However, today, the issues covered by the agreement have not yet been implemented. Every discussion regarding our independence and sovereignty is consistently postponed. Today, they seek to delay the restoration of our sovereignty. It is high time to put an end to this," he underscored.

Politics 2024-02-28 21:20:00