® Estonia's Innovative Early Education: Nurturing Young Minds

Estonia's early education system is a standout example in nurturing young children's development. Kindergartens go beyond mere childcare, playing a pivotal role in setting the stage for educational success. They strike a unique balance by allowing children to engage in play while guided by skilled teachers who create integrated learning experiences.

This approach seamlessly blends subjects, intertwining math with the environment, language with art, and speech with various disciplines. Kindergarten teachers, equipped with at least a bachelor's degree, enjoy autonomy to tailor learning environments, track individual child development, and adjust activities based on children's interests and moods.
Estonia's preschool education emphasizes fostering creativity, freedom, and a profound appreciation for the world. It prioritizes holistic child development through a harmonious mix of play, learning, and technological innovation.

ProgeTiger: Advancing Tech Literacy in Estonian Preschools
In 2012, Estonia launched the ProgeTiger program, targeting technological literacy from preschool to high school levels. For preschoolers, it introduces skills in robotics, programming, and STEAM subjects, promoting problem-solving and critical thinking.
The initiative provides educators with training and tools to integrate technology into early education. Teachers use platforms like Qobo, mTiny, Blue-Bot, Matata Lab, LEGO WeDo Set, and tablets with coding apps for interactive learning.
ProgeTiger aims to prepare kids by fostering curiosity and tech skills. It introduces engaging activities to shape a generation that actively contributes to a tech-driven world. Estonian preschoolers explore technology through playful activities.

Estonia’s EdTech Revolution: Bridging Public-Private Collaboration for Preschool Education
Here is a concise overview of six leading Estonian EdTech companies driving the innovation in preschool education:

ELIIS – Simplifying Kindergarten Management
ELIIS digitizes kindergarten administration, offering teachers a centralized platform to plan lessons, monitor progress, track attendance, and access various tools. Widely used across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany, ELIIS streamlines educational workflows for educators.

ALPA Kids – Interactive Learning through Play
ALPA Kids transforms screen time into engaging educational experiences for 3-8-year-olds. Their games develop math, language, environmental awareness, memory, and logic skills. Parents can track their child's progress via detailed statistics on the platform.

Dilesy (Jutupliiats) – Interactive Learning with Smart Technology
Dilesy merges digital technology with traditional learning materials using the Smart Learning Pen. This interactive tool brings educational books and games to life, engaging preschoolers by speaking, asking questions, and offering tasks or music.
These Estonian EdTech innovators showcase the power of collaboration between public and private sectors, reshaping preschool education globally through innovative solutions.

SpeakTX - The Speech Therapy Platform
SpeakTX is a digital speech therapy platform for kindergartens, schools and healthcare providers for directed and self-paced therapy exercises. It provides a comprehensive exercise and media pool as well as sophisticated options for home-based training scenarios.

KideoCall helps expat families to develop preschoolers’ native language skills and cultural connection via online playgroups with native speaking coaches and peers.

Triumf Health Supports Child Mental Health
Triumf Health is a game-based platform focused on the mental health of 7-12-year-old children. It offers evidence-based and personalized learning games designed to help children understand healthy lifestyles, cope with stress, and regulate their emotions. This award-winning Estonian educational solution is a valuable resource for both teachers and parents seeking to support children's mental well-being.
These companies symbolize Estonia's commitment to leveraging technology in education while fostering collaboration between public and private entities to revolutionize early childhood learning.
The above-mentioned companies participated in the B2B Education Forum, which was held by Caspian Energy Club International on the basis of the official partnership of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project created by the European Union Central Baltic program and dedicated to the discussion of the development of new technologies and cooperation in the field of education between Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Azerbaijan. We would also like to inform you that on March 12-14th, 2024, the mentioned and more companies will visit Azerbaijan again within the framework of the program. In which they will participate in face-to-face B2B meetings, LEF B2B Forum, as well as business tours conducted by Caspian Energy Club.
Caspian Energy Club International was established in 2023 with the aim to manage international projects of Caspian Energy Club. Within 5 years Caspian Energy Club International plans to open offices in 100 countries across the world. One of the major functions of Caspian Energy Club International is to manage the Club’s activity in countries where no representatives are present, and work out a general strategy for all foreign offices.

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