® Kyrgyz specialist in meditation Laura Omuralieva awarded by Millionaire Concept in Baku

Meditation is an ancient way of achieving spiritual peace. This style is also widely used in modern psychotherapy. Because a modern person needs more relaxation of the body, relaxation, stress relief, excessive excitement and thoughts. Meditation, which stabilizes internal harmony, should be performed by specialists in this work. One of the professionals in this area is Laura Omuralieva, an energy therapist with 12 years of experience.
Kyrgyz specialist in meditation Laura Omuralieva studied at the European Research Institute of Natural Sciences. Laura Omuralieva — specialist in noospheric valeology, trainer of Erikson University. Professional practitioner specializing in flower therapy, correction of chakras and aura.
Laura Omuralieva, the founder of the Academy of Women's Welfare in Leningrad, is the franchisor of the "Mandala Women's Transformations" club. A specialist known for his professionalism in such countries as the Maldives, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam and India.
"Mandala 12 qualities of women", "Mandala Chakra". She is the author of the book "How to buy a jacket from Chanel without fuss".
On November 19, 2023, Laura Omuralieva was awarded the nomination "Successful Mentor of Central Asia in Digital Energy" at the Global Woman Awards project.


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