® Agil Mamiyev: One year has passed since Millionaire Concept started operating under the Made in Italy brand

On February 12, one year has passed since "Millionaire Concept" started operating under the Made in Italy brand.
Luxury marketing has become a very important direction of tourism and economy as a rapidly developing sector in the world in recent years. The great demand for luxury marketing worldwide increases the attention of investors to this sector. Integrating innovation into luxury marketing is considered one of the key factors in branding. A successful presentation is needed to achieve high results in branding and marketing activities.
Millionaire Concept is one of the main companies successfully developing this field in Azerbaijan. According to the founder of the mentioned institution, Agil Mamiyev, the companies and brands he leads are implementing big projects in this direction:
"Many years ago, when Millionaire Concept was created, a goal was set. Globalizing this business platform by introducing it worldwide and making it one of the most prestigious brands to gain international fame.
The year is 2024 and Millionaire Concept is already 5 years old, and it is also celebrating 1 year since it was registered by the Italian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy. Yes, Millionaire Concept, which received a brand patent from Italy, is already a European brand.
So, on July 5-6, 2023, at the "Phygital Sustainability Expo" in Rome, Italy, the Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, Mr. During the discussion of the successful cooperation between the two countries in various fields with Mr. Adolfo Urso, I mentioned that Millionaire Concept's continued activity under the Made in Italy brand will be a new bridge between the two countries.”

Today Millionaire Concept was born as an idea 5 years ago and has been in official operation for 4 years. Millionaire Concept, which implements a business model defined as "new generation marketing for luxury brands", operates in marketing and other branding areas.
“In the projects carried out by Millionaire Concept continuously in our capital, well-known and influential businessmen, investors, owners and managers of luxury brands, world-known influencers from different countries of the world visited Baku. I think that the event of "Millionaire Concept" was very successful for our country from the point of view of tourism and economy. In previous years, the London publication Reputation Poll prepared material from the top 10 business clubs in the world. The name of "Millionaire Concept" was also on that list. The success of a brand founded in Azerbaijan and opened to the world was a source of pride for us.

The initiator of Millionare Concept's activity under the Italian brand name is Turan Sadigi, a businesswoman living in Italy, the president of the Azerbaijani Community in Italy, and also the director of Millionaire Concept for Italy. It was one of the most important goals we set after signing the memorandum between us, and today Millionaire Concept operates under the Made in Italy brand despite being established in our country. We can proudly say that our goal is to invest in projects in Azerbaijan, to contribute to the development of tourism and our economy,” said Agil Mamiyev.

Economy 2024-02-13 20:13:00