Brundle: F1 should think ‘very carefully’ before dropping Monaco

Baku, December 27, AZERTAC

F1 will be racing in Monaco until at least the end of 2025, but Sky F1’s Martin Brundle believes the sport should tread lightly when it comes to the future of its historic event, according to “F1i.com”.
Monaco extended its deal with F1 in September of last year after a lengthy period of discussions with Grand Prix racing’s chiefs.
The race has long been considered a cornerstone of Formula 1 thanks to its rich history and unique venue. However, as F1 expands its global reach and prioritizes higher revenue events, its future has been called into question.
For now, thanks to its iconic status and enduring popularity among fans and drivers, Monaco remains a valuable asset for F1.
But maintaining its worth of tradition and history moving forward could become more challenging for the Principality with each passing season.
“I think we’ve got many jewels in our crown now,” Brundle wrote in a Sky Sports Q&A.
“When I used to race, Monaco was the only jewel, and now you’ve got these incredible venues like Singapore and Abu Dhabi and Jeddah and Bahrain and Miami and Vegas and so on and so forth.
“Whereas it was Monaco versus grey flat Hockenheim, Silverstone and what have you.”
Monaco’s long-term survival may hinge on its ability to strike a balance between preserving its unique identity and adapting to the changing demands of Formula 1.
But Brundle suggests that the sport will also need to do its part by offering the right blend of traditional venues and latest-generation events.
“I think you need to balance the history and heritage of Formula 1,” explained the former Grand Prix driver.
“We’ve got 73-year-old heritage and you can make as many new tracks as you like, it will be so long before they have this sort of archive of a Spa, Monza, Suzuka, Silverstone kind of thing.
“So I think there’s room for both, Monaco being another one.
“Sometimes you get a wet race at Monaco or a Safety Car or a red flag that completely energises that race, but I do get that it can be boring on race day, so qualifying is more exciting.
“I think Formula 1 does and should think very carefully before it would drop Monaco.”

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