Mexico 'mummified alien corpses are 'not human' - 30% of DNA is from 'unknown species'

Baku, December 3, AZERTAC

The mystery Mexican aliens, presented to the world earlier this year, are 'definitely not human' and have 30 per cent DNA of an "unknown species", according to Mirror.
The shocking revelation came after two tiny bodies were shown by controversial Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who claimed they were ancient alien corpses found in Peru. Mr Maussan, 70, said their discovery was "the most important thing to have happened to humanity". This week, while addressing the Mexican Congress, he announced the aliens had been DNA tested and the results showed 30% of the DNA was "not from any known species". Researchers who appeared with him confirmed the three-toed mummies were "authentic".
The Daily Star reported Mr Maussan saying: "I believe this phenomenon is the only one that gives us the opportunity to unite. This is the first time extra-terrestrial life has been presented in this manner.
"We have a clear example of non-human specimens unrelated to any known species on our planet. The public has the right to know about non-human technology and beings. This reality unites humanity rather than dividing us. We are not alone in this vast universe; we should embrace this truth. These specimens do not belong to our terrestrial evolution. They were not creatures discovered after a UFO crash. Instead, they were found in diatom mines and later transformed into fossilised mummies."
The mummies were first discovered in Peru and put on display until 2017. Ufologist Will Galison is one of those to have seen the mummies up close in Peru, and claimed we should be "far more worried" about them than people are. When questioned by NubTV he said: "They found one bone in the arm of one of the mummies that clearly was not the organic bone that was there.
"So it raises the question, is the rest of it fake? My thinking shifted when I was up in the friend's house in the country, north of New York. And I saw a deer skull on the mantel and the back of that deer skull, to my mind, resembled the front of this of this skull and I thought 'oh wow'."
"It was obviously put together - the question is was it put together in 2015 . . . or was it made 1,000 years ago? I do not think they flew down in saucer and landed on Earth recently, or even 1,000 years ago, because a CT scan showed another thing according to some of the doctors that examined these things: the leg bones on these things were suffering from osteoporosis."

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