What actually is happening in Karabakh

Baku, September 26, AZERTAC

The Armenian media groups and western media are spreading the lie that the 120,000 ethnic Armenians of Karabakh region of Azerbaijan were forcibly compelled to leave for Armenia due to fears of ethnic cleansing. They are spreading allegations of mass starvation, blockades, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Such claims are falsehoods and biased.
Armenia's claims that "Karabakh still faced 'the danger of ethnic cleansing'" seem more like an attempt to spread fear and rumors in order to disrupt the peaceful and stable reintegration of Karabakh. Some pro-Armenian Western journalists are openly supporting armed separatism against Azerbaijan and the brutal ethnic cleansing and occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia.

Following the ceasefire agreement, Azerbaijan established a working group to address various critical issues in the Karabakh region, including social, humanitarian, economic, and infrastructure matters. This working group operates within the framework of the Coordination Headquarters, which centralizes efforts to address these issues in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.
Rather than propagating false rumors and misinformation, the Western media should support the ongoing process of demilitarization in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region and let the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and the Russian peacekeepers carry out their crucial work.
Azerbaijan's Ministry of Emergency has gone above and beyond by sending trucks loaded with tonnes of food and sanitary products, as well as trucks full of bread, to Armenian residents via the Aghdam-Asgaran-Khankendi road. Additionally, international humanitarian aid and assistance have been allowed and facilitated. Food and daily necessities are also being transported via the Lachin-Khankendi road for the Russian peacekeeping contingent and the civilian population.
Azerbaijan is actively working to bring comfort, peace, and stability to Karabakh, and I hope that Armenian residents in the region will also contribute to the development of the areas included in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, the peaceful reintegration of Azerbaijani society, along with the resolution of social and humanitarian issues, will be ensured. Azerbaijan is committed to upholding the rule of law, protecting rights and freedoms, maintaining stability, ensuring public safety, and preventing the destruction of property, documents, and other illegal actions.
Azerbaijan's commitment to a peaceful, secure, stable, and prosperous South Caucasus remains unwavering. Azerbaijani authorities will persist in their efforts to advance post-conflict peacebuilding, promote reintegration, and facilitate peaceful coexistence in the region to achieve lasting peace and prosperity for all.

Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram, Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad

Society 2023-09-26 13:50:00