Western Azerbaijan Community: Armenian prime minister’s recent statements show that he yet to give up territorial claims against Azerbaijan

Baku, September 14, AZERTAC

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's interview with “POLITICO Europe” publication and other statements he made in recent days once again show that he expresses contradictory opinions several times a day, does not pursue a coherent policy, does not give up his territorial claims against Azerbaijan and is simply trying to disguise it under a different name, and confirms his interest in deliberately inflating the situation in the region, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement.
The statement says: “Nikol Pashinyan's views show that Armenia calls into question recognition of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity even in word. Armenia is still dreaming of creating a certain “international mechanism”. Azerbaijan's policy regarding the Armenian residents living in the Karabakh region, the dialogue with them, is a purely internal matter for Azerbaijan and these issues have nothing to do with Armenia. Armenia should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. This is a frivolous and dangerous policy.
The prime minister's opinion that “Armenia has recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan because our allies remained silent” shows Armenia’s real intentions and hypocrisy. It appears that if Armenia had received support from the outside, then it would not have recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. And this is being said by a state which itself highlights the issue of its sovereignty, territorial integrity and red lines, sheds “crocodile tears”, and conducts an ugly campaign of slander against the sovereignty of Azerbaijan at the international level.
It seems that Nikol Pashinyan is still under the influence of the racist, Azerbaijano-phobic ideology that has evolved in Armenia for 30 years. One of the main pillars of that ideology was the idea that “the Karabakh issue is over because the Armenian people have resolved the Karabakh issue on the battlefield”. The Azerbaijani people, however, demonstrated how the Armenian people “had resolved” the Karabakh issue on the battlefield during the Patriotic War in 2020.
Nikol Pashinyan, who did not accept the dialogue proposal of the Western Azerbaijan Community and denied the right of the Azerbaijanis to return, probably thinks that he “has resolved the issue of Western Azerbaijanis”. This is a wrong approach. Western Azerbaijanis are determined to return to their ancestral lands in a peaceful way and no-one can prevent this from happening.”


Politics 2023-09-14 12:18:00