Miami, Florida hosted a concert “Songs from Motherland” and meeting with Azerbaijani community

Baku, July 29, AZERTAC

“Songs from Motherland” - a concert dedicated to Azerbaijan and a meeting with Azerbaijani community were held in Miami, US.
Representatives of the Turkish diaspora also attended the event, held with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and organized by the Azerbaijani Community of Florida.
In his welcoming speech, Committee Chairman Fuad Muradov expressed his deep gratitude to the community members for conducting a wide awareness campaign in Florida, US during the 44-day Patriotic War.
Committee Chairman recalled the recommendations of President Ilham Aliyev sounded at the Fifth Congress of the World Azerbaijanis held in Shusha: “Of course, all of us - Azerbaijanis living in Azerbaijan - want Azerbaijanis living abroad to be in close contact with their historical homeland. It would be great if the Azerbaijanis could come to Azerbaijan with their family at least once a year - especially to the liberated lands”.
Then he gave detailed information about the unity mechanisms of the Azerbaijani communities abroad, which will serve as a basis for the solidarity of our compatriots and promotion of the Azerbaijani truth and culture in the post-war period. Committee Chairman also spoke about the activity of Coordination Councils, Azerbaijan Houses and Azerbaijani weekend schools.
Esmira Bayramova, the head of the Florida Azerbaijani Community, Lala Orujova, a member of the management board of the Association of Azerbaijani Students at Nova Southeast University, and Darya Hodai, a writer of South Azerbaijani origin, author of the book "Jirtdan's Halloween", delivered speech at the event. They talked about the activities of the organizations they represent and the works done in this direction.
Community members expressed their gratitude to the State Committee on Work with Diaspora for the meeting and the concert program. The importance of the Committee’s support in bringing our compatriots together and conveying the Azerbaijani truths to the local community was once again highlighted.
Following the official part of the event, US-based Azerbaijani musician Khan Beyli (Shirvan Aghabeyli), performed a solo concert "Songs of the Motherland". dedicated to Azerbaijan. "Call me", "I loveAzeri land", "Azerbaijani beauty", "Come to my place", "Reyhan", "Lie" and other Azerbaijani folk and composer songs were performed at the concert. Khan Beyli’s performance was greeted with applause.
Our compatriots pointed out that this concert had played an important role in bringing Azerbaijanis together. It was mentioned that the number of concerts of the Azerbaijani musicians living abroad should be increased in future.
Khan Beyli, musician of Azerbaijani origin, was born in Ukraine. His family moved from Azerbaijan to Ukraine in the late 80s. He received his first musical education in Ukraine, and then continued his studies in Azerbaijan and Boston, MA. He has graduated from Berklee College of Music. He started his career as a musician in New York, and continues in Florida. He prefers to sing Azerbaijani songs and performs them in all his concerts.
State Committee on Work with Diaspora supports the activity of the talented diaspora members in the fields of culture, art and sports.

Culture 2023-07-29 15:37:00