Robot draws picture to celebrate centenary of Turkish republic

Baku, June 9, AZERTAC
An AI-driven painting robot Melfa Assista drew a picture in Istanbul to celebrate the centenary of the Turkish republic, according to Anadolu Agency.
Artist Ceren Gogebakan and Mitsubishi Electric's AI-supported robot Melfa Assista painted together as part of the WIN Eurasia fair in Istanbul.
Gogebakan told Anadolu that the fair provided her with an opportunity to work on a project with a robot.
"Today you see our live performance with the theme of the 100th anniversary of the republic. We interpret this theme from both the robot's and my point of view. It is a different and pleasant experience for me,” she said.
Noting that they are painting on a small canvas together, she said they had about two hours to finish the painting.
Nurettin Gecgel, the general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye Factory Automation Systems, said they aim to make all the systems in the world easier and more automatic so humanity can use them both efficiently and economically.
A combination of AI and robot, Melfa Assista performed in the fair, he said.
"There is an AI in the background of the main system. We are telling the AI something and it creates a design. The robot puts the design on paper,” he added.
Underlining that many foreigners also visited the fair, he said the Japanese love Türkiye and want to invest in the country.
“They (Japanese) support our activities here very much. Mitsubishi is a company that not only wants to do business in the countries where it is located but also wants to support their local communities,” he added.


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