® Azercell announces Children Rights Week

The leading mobile operator is holding a series of International Children's Day-related events with its partners

"Azercell Telekom" LLC in cooperation with Reliable Future Social Initiatives Public Union, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, The State Committee for Family, Women and Children, European Union and UNICEF Azerbaijan are launching a series of events for children on International Children's Day on June 1. The project is dedicated to the children rights protection and will be implemented in a completely new format, which has not yet been practiced in Azerbaijan. The program, which includes various activities for children from the most vulnerable groups (juveniles living in conditions of social isolation and deprivation of liberty, as well as children subjected to violence), will last not one day, but a whole week.
The action plan will also cover children and minors registered in the Reliable Future SIPU service centers, children living in the penitentiary institution for juveniles, placed under the supervision of the Probation Service, as well as children who apply to the Azerbaijan Children's Hotline service.
Art therapy, psychotherapy sessions, team games, and excursions for the effective organization of free time for children from vulnerable groups, as well as a conference on the International Day for Protection of Children, are planned within the weekly activities. The event, which will take place in the juvenile penal institution, has invited many well-known people as guests and role models. They will share their inspirational success stories against the backdrop of their challenging upbringings.
In addition, to promote the Azerbaijan Children's Hotline and other support channels serving the children rights protection, souvenirs and gifts depicting information and contact numbers of the Children's Hotline service will be distributed to children and parents at the subway exits in Baku.
It should be noted that since 2010 "Azercell Telekom" has been the partner of Azerbaijan Children's Hotline, which is active 24/7 at a short number 116111. There is also the Women's Hotline, established with the initiative and support of Azercell in 2022. Azercell is eager to continue various social projects to support the most vulnerable groups of our society that require the most care and attention, helping children grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Society 2023-05-26 10:27:00