® All-new “Signature Call” service from “Nar”

"Nar" unveils a new "Signature Call" service, which allows the subscribers to add signature on their calls. Thus, the called party can see your number as well as the text you enter, i.e. your signature. It is a great option to find out who is calling and the reason of a call.

Text START to 5111 or dial *511#YES and type 1 in the opening menu to confirm your subscription and enjoy the "Signature call" service.
The monthly subscription fee of the "Signature call" service for corporate tariffs is 1.99 AZN, while for prepaid tariffs is 0.10 AZN per day. Corporate subscribers may also test out the product for 30 days for free before making a purchase. For individual users the trial period is 3 days. For more detailed information about the "Signature call" service go to here.
Notably, being committed to its customer-oriented policy “Nar” always renders innovative services to the subscribers. To get more information about all products of the mobile operator, please visit nar.az.
“Nar” currently provides high-quality services to 2.2 million subscribers. “Nar” is the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Customer Loyalty Index for the last 4 years. Committed to its customer-centric strategy, “Nar” delivers excellent (best-in-class) service at an affordable price.

ICT 2023-05-12 13:47:00