Message of congratulation to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Ramadan

Dear fellow countrymen!

I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of Ramadan and convey my most heartfelt wishes.
In the blessed month of Ramadan, which invites humans to moral purity, humanism, unity and equality, purifies the soul and spirituality of people, Muslims get the opportunity to fulfill their duty before the Almighty and experience the joy of spiritual perfection and righteous deeds.
Ramadan in Azerbaijan, one of the historical and cultural centers of Islamic civilization, is celebrated every year with great solemnity. Prayers are offered for the prosperity and peace of our nation and state. The heroic children of the Motherland, who died for the independence and territorial integrity of our country, are commemorated with deep respect.
My dear brothers and sisters!
The month of Ramadan, the crown of the eleven months, which strengthens unity and solidarity in our society and becomes a celebration of kindness, compassion and mercy, is coming to an end. On the occasion of this blessed holiday, I once again convey my sincere congratulations to each of you and all our compatriots living outside of our country. I wish happiness to your families and blessings to your tables.
May Allah accept your fasting, prayers and intentions.
Happy Ramadan!


Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Baku, 19 April 2023

Letters 2023-04-19 16:36:00