Aykhan Hajizada: The claim by Armenia that Azerbaijan is not interested in peace agreement is another obvious example of deception

Baku, March 19, AZERTAC

“The claim by Armenia that Azerbaijan, who initiated the signing of a peace treaty after the war of 2020, presented the 5 basic principles for building relations and the text of the peace agreement, is not interested in the peace agreement, is another obvious example of deception,” said head of the Press Service Department of Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizada as he commented on anti-Azerbaijani statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia dated March 18.
“It is well known that Armenia, which did not respond to Azerbaijan's proposal to sign a peace agreement for more than a year, and then conditioned the signing of a peace agreement to the delimitation process that usually takes a long time, and to other destructive proposals, obstructs the peace treaty under various pretexts, exaggerating certain elements and creating confusion about its essence,” Hajizada emphasized.
“With such statements, Armenia is trying to cover up its artificial delaying of the peace treaty negotiation process, as well as its recent blow to the process by refusing to attend the next round of negotiations in December 2022,” the spokesperson added.

Politics 2023-03-19 18:52:00