® Kick off your summer travel with affordable roaming from Nar!

Nar offers beneficial roaming bundles for those who want to make their spring vacation abroad more memorable. You only need to order one of the four affordable roaming bundles on a holiday. Just go to Services>Packages>Roaming section in Nar+ to join the relevant roaming package for the desired country.

The Roaming 9 package provides subscribers with 500 MB data, while Roaming 15 package with 500 MB data and 50 minutes of voice calls, Roaming 18 package with 1 GB data, and "Roaming 28" with 1 GB data and 100 minutes of voice call service. Notably, WhatsApp messages in the Roaming 18 and Roaming 28 are completely free, meaning the traffic will not be deducted from your internet pack.

Nar’s Roaming 9, Roaming 15 packs which offer uninterrupted communication anywhere, are valid for 5 days, while Roaming 18 and Roaming 28 are valid for 15 days. To check the internet and free voice call balance within the package, dial *777#20#YES. For more information about the roaming service, please visit nar.az/abroad.

Nar currently provides high-quality services to 2.2 million subscribers. Nar is the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Customer Loyalty Index for the last 4 years. Committed to its customer-centric strategy, Nar delivers excellent (best-in-class) service at an affordable price.

ICT 2023-03-16 15:28:00