Fifth coupon payment on SOCAR bonds made

Baku, February 1, AZERTAC

According to the information provided by “SOCAR Capital” company, the expected coupon payment in the amount of $1,125 million on SOCAR bonds issued with a maturity of 5 years at a par of $1,000 with an annual rate of 4.5% and a coupon interest payable every quarter, was credited to the bond holders’ accounts on February 1.
SOCAR bonds, which have become the most sought-after securities in the local stock market, have once again brought $1,125 million in income to their owners as a result of the first, and in total, the 5th interest payment of 2023. Thus, the total profit of the bondholders increased to 5 million 625 thousand US dollars.
The fact that, during the last 15 months of its circulation, the volume of secondary market operations with bonds reached 31 million US dollars, the number of closed deals exceeded 380 and the bonds were able to maintain the status of the most traded corporate security on the Baku Stock Exchange, and the purchase and sale transactions were always above the nominal price, is a strong indicator of high demand for SOCAR bonds.
The next coupon payment of SOCAR bonds, which can be obtained from "ASAN service" centers No. 1 and 5, as well as investment companies operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan, will take place on May 1, 2023.
The total profit payable to the investors at the end of the maturity of 5-year bonds will be 22.5 million US dollars.

Economy 2023-02-01 19:48:00