Kamchatka - place of extraordinary primal beauty in Russia

Baku, January 12, AZERTAC

There are few places in the world that can enthrall quite like Kamchatka, easily Russia's most scenically dramatic region.
A vast volcanic peninsula that is almost entirely wilderness, Kamchatka is a place of extraordinary primal beauty, rushing rivers, hot springs and snow-capped peaks.
Getting here takes time and effort, and exploring the region even more so, but few visitors leave anything other than awestruck.
The longest stream is the Kamchatka River, running nearly 700 kilometers from south to north, creating what's called the peninsula's central valley, which is flanked by large volcanic ranges. It is claimed that here are the world's highest density of volcanoes and associated volcanic phenomena.
The climate of the Kamchatka Peninsula is severe, with prolonged, cold, and snowy winters and wet, cool summers. Most of Kamchatka is tundra supporting mosses and lichens, with thickets of Kamchatka alder. Sheltered lowlands—notably the valley of the Kamchatka River, which separates the mountain chains - are in birch or larch forest, with poplar and willow in wetter areas.
The only important economic activity is fishing, especially crabbing, around the coasts. Agriculture is limited; some cattle and reindeer are kept. The main centre is the city and port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which is located on the southeastern coast of the peninsula.

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