® Bakcell offers smart solutions for vehicles

Bakcell provides its corporate customers with a possibility to use smart solutions for vehicles. This new service, called "GPS+", enables companies and organizations to maintain GPS tracking of their corporate vehicles.

Corporate customers who use the smart solutions in their corporate transportation means will be able to monitor the location of vehicles, their speed, fuel consumption, operating mode and travelled distance in a 24-hour mode.
Monitoring is carried out through GPS equipment installed in corporate vehicles.
Visit https://business.bakcell.com/en/smart-solutions-for-transport for more detailed information about the service.
Bakcell provides its corporate customers operating in various fields with best quality mobile communication services and technological solutions.
In 2022 Bakcell network was yet again named the “Fastest mobile network in Azerbaijan” by Ookla®.

ICT 2022-12-24 12:05:00