“Visual Sensation” - Personal exhibition of Heyran Mustafa-Zade in Prague

Baku, October 31, AZERTAC

The solo exhibition of Azerbaijani artist Heyran Mustafa-Zade in Prague is coming to an end. Her exhibition "Visual Sensation" showcasing a part of the artist's work over the last five years opened at Prague's private Randls Gallery on March 30th this year. The project featured an author's presentation in Czech of her homeland, culture, history and traditions, which have played a pivotal role in shaping Heyran's art. An exhibition of abstract works and portraits, accompanied by the mugham-jazz compositions of Isfar Sarabski and Etibar Asadli, national sweets such as shekerbura and pakhlava, Azerbaijani tea and pomegranate wine was opened with the words 'Azerbaijan – Land of Art'. Through portraits, landscapes and abstract compositions the Czech viewer is introduced to the artist's knowledge of the outside world through a series of emotions conveyed through shapes and colours on canvas and paper.
"The artist knows nothing of the universal truth, but can share her own, personal truth. We have chosen a few works that tell my truth. They are mostly abstract. I hope everyone sees something for his own, something personal in it," the artist said at the exhibition opening. Also speaking at the vernissage, exhibition curator Sara Davis emphasized the underlying national identity of Heyran's paintings, pointing out that she viewed the national ornamentation “buta” as the point of departure for her works. Organisers Paul Randls and Lucie Hořejší spoke about Heyran's unique style, a fresh form of expression that is categorized as neo-expressionism.
The seven-month project also included guided tours with the author, where guests were able to discuss their questions directly with the artist and explore the idea and history behind the work. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the artist's work, available under the HEYRANAM brand, was donated to a charity foundation for people with disabilities.
Over the last ten years, Heyran Mustafa-Zade has been living and working in Prague. In her art she experiments with various techniques and media. As a graduate of Painting and Graphic Art Studios at Art & Design Institute in Prague, she has participated in various local and international exhibitions. This show is the artist's second solo exhibition.

Culture 2022-10-31 17:05:00