One more service integrated into Single Electronic Services Portal

Baku, October 21, AZERTAC

One more service has been integrated into the Single Electronic Services Portal, which was developed by AzInTelecom LLC in order to make available electronic services of the agencies included in the structure of the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport and its subordinate bodies through a single system. This is the service “Registration of radio electronic devices and issuance of a permit” provided by the State Administration of Radio Frequencies (SARF).
The service is now fully digitized. Users will be able to apply to SARF via the portal by filling in the information required to use the service related to the registration of radio electronic devices and issuance of a permit.
The use of the service does not require electronically registered user access to the portal. Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can submit an application by adding necessary documents after entering their personal data and TIN.
Citizens are informed of the results within 15 working days after the application has been considered.
Providing the service “Registration of radio electronic devices and issuance of a permit” online makes the service more accessible and minimizes the time spent on this work.
Electronic services provided by the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport to citizens through various internet resources are now collected on a single portal. A total of 20 services have been integrated into the portal.
The registered electronic services provided on the portal are available by registering via ASAN Login. As the name implies, unregistered services do not require any registration.
The goal of the portal, along with improving citizen satisfaction, is to provide quality, secure and efficient e-services through the rational use of resources. By establishing direct communication between the Ministry of Digital Development & Transport and citizens through the portal, it will be possible to improve the quality of services provided and create new services according to needs.
Also, the creation of the portal will have a positive impact on the expansion of the use of electronic services, as well as the development of e-government and will further improve efficiency, transparency and interactivity.

ICT 2022-10-21 16:46:00