Sadig Jafarov: I think that if a person can make the most of his knowledge, experience and connections, he can easily overcome all difficulties

Baku, October 2, AZERTAC
Our interlocutor is a businessman, founder and head of Reputation company Sadig Jafarov. We talked with the young businessman about his successful projects and current activities.
- Mr. Sadig, the company you founded hosted large-scale projects in a short period of time and always managed to make a name for itself with successful projects. How did you achieve this?
- Of course, hard work and professional management skills are behind these achievements. If you have a professional team, then you can take confident steps. In this way, we have done quite a lot during the last year. For example, the last "Global Health Summit & Awards" project related to the "Reputation Inc. and Millionaire Concept Network" platforms, which I led, made a big noise in the medical world and was welcomed by doctors. In general, sometimes it happens that it takes a long time to realize any project. Because we pay great attention to every detail. We want everyone to be happy. I am very glad that we are making it.
- We know that you yourself cooperate with international institutions and implement successful projects. What is the difficulty of your job?
- It is true that it is not easy to do international scale work and it takes years. Establishing international relations, business trips, negotiations and cooperation calculated for a successful outcome play a big role in a business. I think that if a person can make the most of his knowledge, experience and connections, he can easily overcome all difficulties.
- Mr. Sadig, how important is personal development and reputation in terms of success in business?
- In modern times, personal development is extremely important for anyone who wants to be successful. True, many people do not pay attention to this, but over time, the lack of personal development overshadows their activities. If a person devotes time to his personal development, works on his personal reputation, then he is on the right track. Because through personal development, we become more successful and confident.
- What is the reason for you to remain a successful company in a constantly developing competitive market?
- Competition is an important element of capitalism. Of course, in order not to be removed from the market, it is necessary to constantly be open to innovations and develop. As a company, we always try to stand out with successful projects. For this reason, we create new ideas and use our foreign experience. Therefore, there are many people who want to cooperate with us. If we are successful, our voice will spread to larger audiences and eventually customers will find us themselves. Constantly searching for new ideas and executing it in a quality way is the only secret to remain a successful company in the market.
- What is success for you?
- For me, success means a combination of many factors. If we want to be successful, we need to be able to create the environment and conditions for it, focus on it, and develop it. It is in this case that we will be able to control the results. To make a difference in any business, being innovative is a must. Because the formula of any work is the application of science and experience.
- What are your future plans?
- Regarding the future plans, I can say that for a good future, it is important to be innovative and guide the management correctly. Because even if you have a good idea, if you can't implement it, that idea is useless. If a person turns his knowledge and skills into a system, it will be more useful for him.

- What are the benefits of your work to the society?
- Every exemplary step we take for society is an example for others. Therefore, regardless of what we do, we should try to be useful for society. In this regard, within the framework of the international projects we implement, we serve the promotion of our country and the development of the business sector, especially tourism, by attracting foreign investments. Considering that the tourism sector is one of the leading sectors of the country's economy, we feel proud that our company has a share in the development of our economy.

Economy 2022-10-02 19:45:00