Ajanta Cave – mind blowing UNESCO World Heritage Site

Baku, September 27, AZERTAC

The Ajanta Caves are a unique and absolutely mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage Site.
They consist of a series of 29 hand-carved chambers that have been cut out of a solid rock face almost 76 meters above the narrow Waghora stream in Ajanta, about 300 miles east of Mumbai.
Buddhist monks painstakingly chiseled the caves out of the rock over a period spanning from 2AD to around 6BC. More reminiscent of palaces than caves, each of the caves opens into a large hall covered from floor to ceiling with exceptionally detailed paintings depicting the Jataka stories, which tell of Buddha’s previous lives.
The ceilings are also beautifully decorated with geometrical and floral patterns. The site is an absolute must-see for any visitor to Mumbai.


Culture 2022-09-27 15:52:00