Türkiye protests unlawful deployment of armored vehicles on Aegean islands

Baku, September 26, AZERTAC

Türkiye on Monday lodged a protest with the US and Greece over unlawful deployment of armored vehicles on Aegean islands with non-military status, Anadolu Agency reports.
Turkish army drones have recorded Greek deployment of armored vehicles on the islands of Midilli (Lesvos) and Sisam (Samos), which is in violation of international law.
Türkiye summoned the Greek ambassador and called for an end to violations on Aegean islands and restoring their non-military status, according to the Foreign Ministry.
Meanwhile, in a protest note to the US, Türkiye urged respect for the status of Eastern Aegean islands and measures to be taken to prevent use of its weapons there.
Turkish drone footages, released on Sunday, showed that landing ships carried military vehicles donated by the US to the islands.
According to security sources, the Turkish drones performing flight mission over the Aegean Sea recorded two Greek landing ships en route to Midilli and Sisam.
It was revealed that the ships were carrying 23 tactical wheeled armored vehicles to Midilli and 18 to Sisam. The armored vehicles were among those sent by the US to the Port of Alexandroupolis (Dedeagac) of Greece.

World 2022-09-26 20:36:00