Concert called “Long live native Azerbaijan” organized for military servicemen in Kalbajar

Baku, September 1, AZERTAC
Life is fleshing out in native Karabakh, for liberation of which Azerbaijanis had been eagerly waiting for 30 years. Besides the restoration and reconstruction work, cultural life is also returning to these lands, which are dear to every Azerbaijani, as different events and concerts are organized there. One of such events was a concert program organized in a military unit in Kalbajar district for Azerbaijani servicemen who stand on guard of motherland.
Renowned Azerbaijani singers, People’s Artist Emin, as well as Ellai, Bahh Tee & Turkan, Jony, Rauf & Faiq, young singer Jamila Hashimova and the Excellent Music Band presented pleasant moments for the servicemen with their interesting performance at the concert program entitled “Long live native Azerbaijan”.
At the opening of the concert, young singer Jamila Hashimova performed “Reyhan”, “Today everything will be good” and “Without you” songs accompanied by the Excellent Music Band.
Appearing on the stage then, renowned singers Bahh Tee & Turkan performed songs “Sweet lies”, “Who am I without you”, “Princes do not exist”, “Needed”, Ellai performed songs “Lover-lover”, “There is no stranger in love”, “I will not stop doing”, Rauf & Faiq performed songs “Yesterday”, “I love you”, “Childhood” and “Lullaby”, Jony performed songs “Love your voice”, “Avenue”, “You are ruthless” and “Comet” and people’s artist Emin performed songs “I live best of all”, “Let’s run to Baku”, “Boomerang” and “Long live native Azerbaijan”. The concert ended with the songs “Simply the best” and “In this city” performed by young singer Jamila Hashimova.
Azerbaijani heroic soldiers and officers, who show their endless loyalty to their motherland, flag, state and people in Kalbajar, which is called the paradise of Azerbaijan, met the different songs presented at the concert with applauses.
In his interview to journalists at the concert, People’s Artist Emin said: “I would like to thank the Azerbaijani army for giving us the joy of having a concert in the territories liberated from occupation. I am extremely proud of performing here in Kalbajar in front of our soldiers and officers. Today, we are performing here, because these lands have already been liberated. The glorious Azerbaijani army showed heroism and liberated our territories from occupation under the leadership of the President and the Commander-in-Chief, Ilham Aliyev”.
Emin said that they would perform at concert programs in other territories liberated from occupation after Kalbajar.
“Performing in the territories liberated from occupation is our duty to our native country”, popular Rauf & Faiq music duet told journalists.
Stressing that performance in Kalbajar creates unforgettable feelings, the duet said: “To tell the truth, we couldn’t believe that we were coming here. We had heard a lot about these lands and our families used to speak about it often. We are proud that we are one of those who have performed here. It is wonderful and very pleasant. Therefore, we are proud. We had been waiting for a long time for the days to come here and see there beautiful places. It seems to you as if such a beautiful picture could never be in any other part of the world. We are very much moved by what we have seen here”.
Saying that he feels extremely happy to come to a native land, Jony said: “The liberation of our lands from occupation causes a feeling of pride. Tears of joy are coming down from my eyes because I have come to Kalbajar. The climate of Kalbajar and the mountains along the way make you feel unusual. I am extremely happy to come to our native land and perform in front of the Azerbaijani soldiers”.
Renowned singer Ellai also expressed his admiration with the beautiful Kalbajar. He said in his interview: “I had been looking forward to the concert in Kalbajar and therefore, today I am very excited. May God protect the Azerbaijani army! Without them, we wouldn’t have been here. I admired by the beauty of this place when driving to Kalbajar. It is very beautiful. Most probably, we will go to Istisu after the concert”.
The concert was remembered with the joy of the servicemen, especially young soldiers, collective singing of the songs glorifying native Azerbaijan and the sincere congratulations of the singers to Azerbaijani independent state, its president and people.

Culture 2022-09-01 10:28:00