“Great scholar unbroken in heavy ordeals – Yagub Mahmudov” book published

Baku, July 27, AZERTAC

The book headed “Great scholar unbroken in heavy ordeals - Yagub Mahmudov” by researchers Nazim Khalilov and Elnur Najiyev has been published, a source in the Historians of Azerbaijan public union told AZERTAC.
The scientific advisor of the new book is the winner of the State Award, PhD in history, Guntakin Najafli, its editor is PhD in history Sevinj Malikzada, its designer is PhD in mathematics Mehri Khanbabayeva and its technical editor is Esmira Karimova.
The book provides brief information on the life, scientific-pedagogical and sociopolitical activities of the honored scientist, the winner of the State Award, Academician Yagub Mahmudov. The publication presents readers with the updated biography of the historian-scientist for the first time. The book also includes interesting memories of Yagub Mahmudov and the photos which reflect his life and activities.
The book says that Yagub Mahmudov worked as a scientific editor, a senior scientific editor, chief of editorial office and deputy editor-in-chief on scientific issues at the Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan in 1966-1975, a chief teacher and an assistant professor at the State Pedagogical University of Azerbaijan in 1968-1981, an assistant professor, head of chair, deputy head of the dean’s office and head of the dean’s office at the history faculty of Baku State University in 1981-2004 and the Director of the Institute of History under the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan in 2004-2021. For the first time in historic studies, he found that Azerbaijan had broad diplomatic relations with European countries in the 15th-17th centuries and discovered the names of many diplomats who held talks with those countries. Also, the historian-scientist took an active part in the establishment of the new education system in Azerbaijan, including drafting and improving university admission programs, creating test banks and developing methodic aids on some disciplines. So far, his works have been translated into 15 languages - Turkish, English, Russian, German, Arabic, Persian, French, Georgian, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Romanian.
The book also says that the academician, who was awarded the “Glory”, “Honor” and “1st grade Labor” Orders of the Republic of Azerbaijan, have won awards of a number of foreign countries, as well. Besides the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, he is also a true member of the International Academy of Sciences of the Turkic World Studies, the International Aytmatov Academy, the International Academy of Modern Sciences named after Lutfu Zadeh, the International Academy of Economic and Social Sciences of Italy, the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the Boniface Academy of Italy.
It should be remembered that the following 7 books devoted to Yagub Mahmudov have been published previously: “The school of Yagub Mahmudov in the science of history”, “For the sake of Azerbaijan: a journalist’s talk with a historian”, “The topic of Karabakh in the scientific works of Academician Yagub Mahmudov”, “A page of honorable life: the faculty of history (1986-1990)”, “The school of historians of Yagub Mahmudov”, “Known and unknown Yagub Mahmudov” and “The history of genocides committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis in the legacy of Yagub Mahmudov”.

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