Caño Cristales – Colombian river with its incredible red color

Baku, June 18, AZERTAC

Caño Cristales in the Colombian National Park of La Macarena has been called the most beautiful river in the world and the river than escaped from heaven, because of its incredible red color.
It is one of Colombia’s most unique and exciting tourist attractions. Most agencies suggest that you can see the river in its amazing red state between late May and late November, but the peak time is between July and October.
The river itself is located alongside the huge La Macarena National Park, which is a vast area home to savannahs, incredible rock formations, jungles and bird and mammal watching.
Caño Cristales is a truly unbelievable place, and one, which seems to confirm Colombia’s reputation as the land of magical realism. You may never see a more beautiful river in your life, and the experience of visiting the rainbow river and its surroundings is something you will never forget.

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