Aliagha Vahid- Genius of ghazals

Baku, June 9, AZERTAC

Aliagha Mammadgulu oglu Isgandarov – an Azerbaijani poet, Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR - was born on February 17, 1895, in the Masazir settlement of Baku, in the family of a joiner. He received his primary education in a madrasa, but without completing it, he joined the literary society “Mejmeush-shuara”, where he met the poets of Muniri, Azer Imamaliyev and other popular Baku’s poets of that era. Under the creative influence of his teacher-poets, Vahid from the years of 18–19, began to write his first lyric poems and publish their in the magazines “Igbal”, “Zakhmat”, “Bayraghi”, “Adalet”, “Basiret”, “Tutti”, “Mezel” and others. In his early poems, he criticized social weaknesses in society, superstition, prejudice, and injustice. The first collection of the poet “Tamahkarlygyn Agibeti” (“The crash of stinginess”) was published in 1916. Without a secondary education, he had the inborn ability to write poetry right away. Later, under the influence of the works of Fuzuli, Seyid Azim, he began to write gazelles. By the nature, Aliagha Vahid was more a lyricist than a satirist, which could not but be reflected in his poetry. His fascinating, melodic gazelles became more and more popular among the people, so much so that Vahid was called “Gazelkhan”.
Vahid was also a brilliant connoisseur of the classical poetry of the East, he was masterfully translating the immortal works of Nizami, Khagani, Feleka, Hafiz, Navai and other classics from Persian to the Azerbaijani language. Aliagha Vahid died at the night of September 30 to October 1, 1965 in Baku. The poet was buried in the Alley of Honors.

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