Barcelona's Gothic Masterpiece - Sagrada Familia

One of Barcelona’s most iconic symbols, the Sagrada Familia is the most visited landmark in the whole of Spain. Considered to be a great example of modernist architecture designed by architect Antoni Gaudi, many tourists from across the globe come to visit this unfinished church.
The Sagrada Familia is a unique piece of architecture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world but in Barcelona. Built by the world-renowned architect - Antoni Gaudi, the structure has complex designs, with intricate ornate walls on the exterior, and implemented the Art Nouveau style as a surface decoration.
This Roman-Catholic church in Barcelona is breathtakingly beautiful and what makes it historically significant is that the church has been under construction for over a century, ever since 1882. Even though the work is still in progress, it is undoubtedly the most visited attraction in Barcelona.

Culture 2022-05-30 13:15:00