Uzbekistan's MY5 TV channel highlights Azerbaijan's tourism potential

Tashkent, May 26, АZƏRTAC

The Tashkent-based MY5 TV channel has aired a program on Azerbaijan's tourism potential.
The author of the program, broadcast with the support of the Azerbaijan Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev in Uzbekistan, is journalist Manuchehr Galandarzade.
The author highlighted the history of Baku, the monuments of the Old City, by visiting the shops and inquiring about the prices of Azerbaijani pastries in one of the bakeries.
Galandarzade spoke about saffron and the main cultivated areas of this most valuable spice. Drawing the audience’s attention to the beauty of the Caspian Sea, the author rode a bicycle at the seaside boulevard as well as visited one of the Azerbaijani restaurants to taste qutab (flatbread with filling) and other national delicacies.
The author also informed the audience about the Alley of Martyrs, riding the funicular (cable railway) up the mountainous part of the city and speaking about the history of the construction of the "Flame Towers". The program also hailed the monumental landmark - Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, where important state events are hosted.
This is the author's second program dedicated to Azerbaijan.
Gulu Kangarli
Special correspondent

Culture 2022-05-26 17:20:00