From Zuzana Caputova, President of the Slovak Republic

His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Dear Mr. President,
On behalf of the citizens of the Slovak Republic and on behalf of myself I congratulate you and all the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the National holiday.
The current world faces many challenges - impacts of the ongoing pandemic, signs of the climate changes, various hybrid threats, as well as several conflicts, which endanger universal values of freedom, equality, democracy and rule of law.
Along with the fading pandemic and growing manifestation of climate changes, the world finds itself in a difficult situation, which fundamentally changes the international security architecture. Russian invasion to Ukraine - our close neighbor has dramatically affected the international community as a whole. Millions of people fleeing away from the war, many human victims and enormous material losses of the war caused by Russia provide pictures that we could hardly imagine in the current Europe.
In addition to international solidarity, the answer to these challenges lies also in returning to the values of multilateralism and to the adherence of the principles of international law. I believe that our cooperation will be further developing in this and other areas for the benefit of the people of our both countries.
Dear Mr. President,
I wish you and all citizens of your country first and foremost peace, stability, prosperity and democratic development.

Zuzana Caputova
President of the Slovak Republic

Letters 2022-05-24 18:27:00