Antarctic - remote area in Southern Hemisphere

Baku, May 21, AZERTAC
The Antarctic is a cold, remote area in the Southern Hemisphere encompassed by the Antarctic Convergence. Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in terms of total area.
Antarctica is a unique continent in that it does not have a native population. There are no countries in Antarctica, although seven nations claim different parts of it: New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Argentina.
Winter temperatures along Antarctica’s coast generally range from -10° Celsius to -30° Celsius. During the summer, coastal areas hover around 0°C, but can reach temperatures as high as 9°C.
The ice surface dramatically grows in size from about 3 million square kilometers at the end of summer to about 19 million square kilometers by winter.
The Antarctic has become a symbol of climate change. Scientists and policymakers are focusing on changes in this environmentally sensitive region to push for its protection and the sustainable use of its scientific resources.

Society 2022-05-21 18:10:00